Global network

Sigfox is the first global IoT network which allows usage across countries without additional roaming costs.

Low Cost

Sigfox-enabled devices and subscription are better value than cellular ones.

Longest Battery Life

Sigfox offers ultra low-power connectivity, enabling devices to last 10+ years.

Reliable & Secure

The Sigfox network is designed with redundancy and has built-in security mechanisms.

Mission #1

Building and Providing a Realiable Nework

We offer a unified way to collect data from sensors or devices through a standardized set of APIs. The use of our unique technology makes complementing traditional M2M cellular networks with global, sustainable and inexpensive solutions possible. Sigfox brings the network, technology and ecosystem of expert partners necessary to enable companies to carry out their IoT projects.


Mission #2

Connect Device-Makers, Software-providers and Clients

HELIOT Group is actively involved in providing its customers with solutions and applications developed in LACH region and in the ecosystem of other Sigfox operators worldwide.


Mission #3

Consult your IoT Projects

Make an IoT project scaling is not easy. With the experience of our global ecosystem for the last 10 years, we help you to define and adjust your business case, convince your board with tangeable figures, find a scalable hardware manufacturer, and make your IoT project happen !


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