Our Mission

We are a multicultural and passionate team dedicated to make your Internet of Things projects come alive.

Deploy a network of around 800 antennas across Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland

Build a strong and resilient infrastructure with 24h monitoring

Help our partners and clients to get Sigfox onboarded

Connect millions of low power IoT devices



Tomáš Pavlíček
Chief Executive Officer
Thomas Scheibel
Executive Chairman
Jan John
Chief Ecosystem Officer
Christofer Martinson
Chief Sales Officer
Jakub Hajek
Chief Network Officer
Martin Liboswar
CBDM Austria

Board of Directors

Alexandre De Senger
Chairman of the Board
Ciril Stebler
Board Member
Wolfgang Skribot
Board Member


Nicolas Giorgini
Legal Advisor
Martin Spieler
Strategical Advisor

Key Partners

They help us to make it possible.

Sigfox Cellnex - Swiss Towers AG ENKOM SimpleCell bitbird

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