0G technology achieves 90 per cent network coverage in Germany

Sigfox Germany celebrates its fifth anniversay

  • Drivers of digitalisation for the European economy: major customers such as Deutsche Post DHL, Siemens and Weber Betonwerke rely on 0G
  • 0G technology is suitable for large-scale deployment of Internet-of-Things applications and networks millions of objects worldwide 
  • Across Germany, the network now covers all the important arteries of the economy
  • Milestone for 0G universe: Major investor Cube Infrastructure Managers joins Sigfox Germany; Sigfox Germany now part of the largest 0G network in Europe

From 0 to 0G in five years: Sigfox Germany, operator of the 0G network in Germany, celebrates its fifth birthday today. The young company has already achieved great things: Nationwide, the network now covers all major veins of the economy. In the footprint, 0G currently achieves a network coverage of 90 percent. Today, customers and partners include groups such as Deutsche Post DHL, Siemens, Weber Betonwerke as well as AlpsAlpine, ACP Digital and Box ID. At the headquarters in Grasbrunn near Munich, a 15-member team is working on further network expansion and advises companies on how 0G technology can become an important driver for digitalisation in industry, transport, logistics and agriculture. 

Sigfox Germany also has big plans for the next five years. And the necessary capital: In 2020, the European investment company Cube Infrastructure Managers joined Sigfox Germany with the billion-dollar fund “Cube Infrastructure II”. The goal for 2021: further network expansion, support for digitalisation projects and investments in customer care. 

Cube’s investment is a milestone for the entire 0G universe: Sigfox Germany is now the largest subsidiary of Heliot Europe, Europe’s largest 0G network provider, which supplies Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, Slovenia and Germany with IoT connectivity. “0G technology has become accepted as the cornerstone for the digital transformation towards Industry 4.0. This has not only convinced independent financial investors. It is also the cornerstone for many companies to take advantage of the opportunities of digital networking in the Internet of Things,” says Thomas Scheibel, Managing Director of Sigfox Germany.

Sigfox 0G-Technology: sustainable, efficient, cost effective

Developed in France in 2010, Sigfox 0G technology is an international solution that is already being used in 72 countries. Based on low-frequency radio technology, companies can digitalise their processes and connect objects of all kinds to the Internet of Things via the 0G network. Corresponding IoT-capable devices send the smallest data packets over long distances via the 0G network and transmit information such as the status or position of an object. Unlike mobile radio standards such as 3/4/5G, 0G technology is power-saving, cost-effective, almost maintenance-free and suitable for large-scale use of IoT applications.