Can the Internet of Things go #massive?

Our CEO Thomas Scheibel thinks: yes! At the IoT conference “Reality Check for IoT” in Bern last week, organized by asut – Schweizerischer Verband of Telecommunications, he presented his views on the challenges and opportunities facing the industry.

❌ In the past, high costs and a confusing multitude of technologies have kept clients across industries from going all-in on IoT.

✔️ But: IoT provides great value for money in the current environment. It improves its pay-off as it helps to reduce growing energy costs and resource input, can contribute to the fight against climate change, complies with upcoming EU regulations and becomes more accessible as technologies converge.

We are experiencing a turning point!

More information on the event by asut can be found here »

The slides from Thomas Scheibels speech can be found here»