Sigfox signs global partnership with skyhook

This new strategic partnership will contribute to Sigfox’s efforts to adapt cost-effective and powerful services for the massive IoT and open up a whole new range of applications, especially in the supply chain and logistics industries.

Sigfox and Coral join forces to spark IoT innovation with AI at the edge

Sigfox, the 0G network pioneer and the world’s leading IoT (Internet of Things) communication service provider, today announced its partnership with Coral, Google’s platform of hardware components, software tools, and models for building devices with Artificial Intelligence at the edge.

As further sectors integrate IoT devices into their activities, more data than ever is being collected and industry leaders are struggling to find fast and cost-efficient ways to transport and harness it.

To solve this challenge, Coral provides the technology to run a machine learning model locally, at the edge, without needing to send large amounts of data to the cloud.

Heliot Europe on growth course: Massive Sigfox 0G network expansion

Europe’s largest Sigfox 0G network operator reaches important milestones in network rollout in Switzerland, Slovenia and Austria – planning, coordination and operation of the network are carried out centrally via shared service centers (Heliot SSC)
Heliot’s “We got you covered” strategy allows rapid, needs-based additional expansion of the network for customer applications – roaming in 72 countries, 18 million smart objects and the selection of almost 1000 different end devices underpin Sigfox’s pole position as an IoT provider

Sigfox partner iWire receives USD 34 million in funding

iWire, one of the emerging leaders in the Internet of Things, has just raised $34 million in a Series A financing led by Noor Capital and supported by BPI France to accelerate its development and enter new markets. iWire is a long-standing partner of Sigfox, the pioneer of the 0G network and the world’s leading IoT service provider. In this fundraising, iWire has notably received support from the French Public Investment Bank (BPI France), which has allocated an amount of $25 million for the development of Sigfox networks in 12 new countries in Asia, the Middle East and Africa. In addition, iWire intends to accelerate the development of its subsidiary “iWire Technologies” and specialise in the production of networked devices distributed on all five continents, with a particular focus on the European and US markets.

Citymesh acquires belgian Sigfox IoT network: “Experts in Telecommunication, from 0G to 5G”

Der Telekommunikationsanbieter Citymesh erwirbt den belgischen Sigfox-Betreiber ENGIE M2M. Mit dieser Akquisition vervollständigt Citymesh sein Mobilfunkportfolio mit 0G-Konnektivität. Das Sigfox-Netzwerk eignet sich ideal für IoT-Projekte, die eine extrem niedrige Bandbreite verwenden und eine lange Akkulaufzeit benötigen. Die globalen Roaming-Fähigkeiten werden es Citymesh ermöglichen, sowohl nationale als auch internationale Kunden zu unterstützen.

The Internet of Animals: Today’s Sheep Radio with 0G

Long since standard in modern logistics, the Internet of Things (IoT) is now also moving into alpine pastures. Locating and controlling animals, planning and maintaining pastures – the management of an alpine pasture takes a lot of time. So much time, in fact, that in 2019 the Raumberg-Gumpenstein Federal Agricultural Research Station (HBLFA) launched the two-year practical project “Pasture GPS” for more efficiency in pasture management. For the series of tests, which has now ended, 85 Austrian alpine pastures were equipped with GPS trackers from the vehicle industry, which run via the classic GSM mobile phone network. On the alpine pastures that had no network coverage for this, the grazing animals radioed with the trackers from Digitanimal via the Sigfox 0G radio network from Heliot Europe, which is operated under the name Sigfox Austria. After two years, project manager Reinhard Huber draws a positive balance about the series of trials: “At first we were worried whether our farmers would even want to be part of the project, but in the end we had such a great demand – it was a complete success!”

92000 water sensors transmit with 0G in Sao Paulo – major project for Sigfox network operator WND

Sabesp, one of the largest water and wastewater service providers in the world, announced today that it has successfully completed the implementation of 100,000 smart water meters with Internet of Things (IoT) technology. The project, one of the largest in Latin America, introduces telemetering of water consumption to Sabesp’s 100,000 largest consumers in the São Paulo metropolitan region.