Sigfox partners with Google Cloud to accelerate its global IoT strategy

Sigfox migrates its infrastructure to the Google Cloud 

  • Billions of messages are processed every month
  • New value-added services to be developed
  • Sigfox’s 0G network reaches more than 1.3 billion people in 72 countries
  • Increase of 145% in messages processed compared to 2019

Paris, France and Sunnyvale, California, 10 February 2021 – Google Cloud and Sigfox today announced that the global leader in 0G networking and IoT platform services will work with Google Cloud to scale its cloud infrastructure and expand its IoT services portfolio. This partnership will enable Sigfox to accelerate its “Massive IoT” agenda – processing billions of messages per month from Internet-connected objects using data stored in the cloud.

Sigfox is the world’s largest dedicated LPWAN service provider for connecting simple, low-power and low-cost IoT devices to the Internet. Sigfox’s 0G network is already deployed in 72 countries and covers more than 1.3 billion people. It is used for a wide range of IoT use cases, from tracking shipping containers and monitoring hydrants to securing buildings and monitoring irrigation levels by farmers. In recent years, Sigfox has been processing billions of messages a month (a 145% increase in 2020 compared to 2019) from the over 17 million objects connected to its network due to the exploding number of internet-connected devices – and the company therefore needed a more scalable, robust and long-term solution.

Google Cloud was selected as the backbone for Sigfox’s 0G network to provide the Sigfox platform with better scalability, higher reliability, and world-class compliance and security. Google Cloud will also enable improvements in Sigfox’s connectivity, geolocation and other value-added services towards cost-reducing and highly power-efficient IoT solutions.

Sigfox’s migration to the Google Cloud will positively transform many of the applications across the various industries in which it operates, including supply chain and logistics, automotive, postal services and utilities. These include Sigfox’s solution for auto parts, which tracks components as they move between assembly plants and suppliers using sensor-based containers. Or Sigfox’s solutions for utilities that digitise data collection from gas meters, retrofitted network controllers and smart functions. Shipping companies also use transport containers or containers equipped with Sigfox smart trackers to get accurate information on location, movement and condition. All of them are cloud-enabled, providing a scalable and seamless way to manage exponential data growth.

“We chose Google Cloud because we are striving in the same direction to drive digital transformation through helpful, reliable and sustainable innovation,” said Franck Siegel, vice chairman of Sigfox. “With this partnership, Google Cloud technology will help us become a global leader in cost-effective asset visibility and tracking.”

“Google Cloud is proud to support Sigfox and provide greater reliability and flexibility to an IoT market leader as it takes the next steps in its evolution,” said Samuel Bonamigo, Vice President Sales, EMEA South, Google Cloud. “Sigfox’s use of Google Cloud technology is a perfect example of how we help innovative businesses grow, thrive and better serve their customers.”

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Sigfox 0G-Technology: sustainable, efficient, cost effective

Developed in France in 2010, Sigfox 0G technology is an international solution that is already being used in 72 countries. Based on low-frequency radio technology, companies can digitalise their processes and connect objects of all kinds to the Internet of Things via the 0G network. Corresponding IoT-capable devices send the smallest data packets over long distances via the 0G network and transmit information such as the status or position of an object. Unlike mobile radio standards such as 3/4/5G, 0G technology is power-saving, cost-effective, almost maintenance-free and suitable for large-scale use of IoT applications.

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