Heliot brings the 0G Internet of things to Slovenia

Europe’s largest operator of Sigfox 0G Internet-of-Thinks (IoT) expands into Slovenia

  • Heliot Europe, operator of the largest European Sigfox 0G IoT network, is expanding into Slovenia
  • Construction of the 0G network begins in December 2020, full coverage planned in summer 2021
  • Partner in the construction of the 0G network is the Slovenian railways company Slovenske železnice (SŽ)

Heliot Europe, the exclusive operator of the Sigfox 0G network in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, is expanding into Central Europe. In December this year, the first  station for Internet of Things (IoT) will be set up in Slovenia using Sigfox 0G Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) technology. Sensors with this technology are ideal for the large-scale use of IoT applications. They transmit tiny data packets of 12 bytes over long distances 140 times a day. This low-frequency radio technology is power-saving, cost-effective, virtually maintenance-free and better suited for the vast majority of IoT applications than current 5G technology. In addition to supporting the development of Industry 4.0, the Heliot Europe 0G network also supports the implementation of smart city solutions.

A further 19 stations are scheduled to follow at the beginning of 2021, additional 56 by end of spring to cover around 85 percent of Slovenia’s populated regions with the network. Full coverage should be achieved in summer 2021. With its expansion into Slovenia, Heliot has already demonstrated its desire for growth for the second time. It was only in September 2020 that the young network operator with Swiss roots became the largest 0G network operator in Europe by acquiring the German Sigfox network.

“Slovenia is an important market and a logical next step in the expansion of a European Sigfox 0G network,” says Tomáš Pavlíček, COO of Heliot Europe. “Economically, the European regions have long been closely intertwined across borders. We want to contribute to our customers no longer being bound by national borders in their IoT applications”. Heliot is also interested in other markets in Eastern Europe. In 2020 the company acquired a ten percent stake in SimpleCell Networks Slovakia, the exclusive operator of the Sigfox 0G network in Slovakia.

Partner for building the network: Slovenian railroad company Slovenske železnice

The partner for network expansion in Slovenia is the railways company Slovenske železnice (SŽ). The Slovenian state-owned company, the country’s largest logistics provider, provides Heliot with its sites for the construction of the IoT network.

Slovenian Railways manages 1,200 kilometers of railway lines and 228 railway and mixed stations. Heliot has recognized them as a suitable business partner for concluding a lease agreement.

Heliot is also already in talks with customers from the insurance, automotive, pharmaceutical, construction and logistic industries including postal services. Besides supporting the Industry 4.0 use cases, the Heliot 0G network will also support implementation of EU strategies for digital transformation of European cities.

“Under the EU project IntelligentCitiesChallenge, 20 Slovenian cities will go through the process of digital transformation at which IoT connectivity provided by Heliot Europe will be an enabler for deployment of smart city solutions”, confirms Blaž Golob, Heliot Europe Managing Director for Slovenia. “This technology is an opportunity for users who want to improve their processes with IoT applications and work more resource-efficiently.”

The Sigfox ecosystem: a multitude of sensors, applications and software

Sigfox 0G technology is a European IoT technology. Founded in France in 2010, the IoT network already reaches more than one billion people in 72 countries. Over 21 million Sigfox-enabled devices are already in use worldwide. The ecosystem of sensors, analysis software, cloud applications and service providers is extensive and is constantly being expanded. There are currently more than 750 deployable sensors from different manufacturers with a wealth of functions such as location, temperature, precipitation, motion detection, alarm function and numerous other applications. Depending on the application, the sensors run for up to ten years on a single battery. In addition, the sensors are virtually impossible to hack, so there is much less risk of interference and cyber attacks.

Golob: “Sigfox technology also offers great opportunities for developers of sensors and software. Those who want to become part of the Sigfox ecosystem with good ideas and innovative applications for 0G sensors can now reach customers worldwide through us.”

About HELIOT Europe
Heliot Europe is the exclusive partner and operator of the global Sigfox 0G IoT network for Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein since 2017. This makes Heliot Europe the largest Sigfox 0G network operator in Europe. The main shareholder of Heliot Europe is Cube, a European infrastructure manager headquartered in Luxembourg. Sigfox Germany is the largest subsidiary of Heliot Europe and operates the Sigfox 0G network in Germany under this name. With Sigfox 0G IoT technology, Heliot offers a cross-border, seamless, user-friendly, cost-effective and energy-efficient LPWA network that is suitable for the vast majority of all IoT applications. At the same time, Heliot Europe gives its customers access to the worldwide Sigfox 0G IoT ecosystem with more than 750 sensors and analysis tools for data acquisition and analysis. Further information can be found at: www.heliotgroup.com and www.sigfox.de