How To Get Onboard?

4 easy-steps to start with Sigfox. From electronic sensors to the cloud.



Check Sigfox Coverage

We are doing our best to offer Sigfox coverage to more than 85% of the population in each country. However, some areas remain hard to reach. That's why we offer an intuitive tool to get network quality at your location.

Check Coverage   Connectivity-as-a-Service


Order a Device / Dev-kit

Arduino, Raspberry Pi, STM32, Sigfox+LoRa... There is for sure a dev-kit made for you! You will find below a selection of dev-kits we recommand as a Sigfox Operator, but you can also found more on the Sigfox Partners website.

HELIOT Selection


Get Sigfox Connectivity

As a developer, it's very easy to get access to the Sigfox worldwide network. Most of the Sigfox dev-kits come with a one year prepaid subscription. Otherwise, you can buy subscriptions directly with a credit card: easy and fast.

Get Connectivity


Start to connect

Now your are ready to connect your dev-kit to the largest LPWA Network in the world through the Sigfox Backend. An active community of Sigfox Builders is willing to help you on a Slack channel, feel free to join us!

Sigfox Backend   Join Sigfox Builders Slack


Sigfox Build

Sigfox Build is your one-stop source as a product maker or solution provider.