Sigfox University

You want to offer your students and researchers the possibility to work with up-to-date IoT technology?
We too!

For universities and educational institutions, we offer free Sigfox connectivity and info material to realize your IoT research projects.

How does it work?

If you already have signal at your campus, we will provide you free connectivity so you can connect your devices to the Sigfox cloud without having to pay the annual fee per device. In case there is (yet) no signal at your campus, we can rent you a Base Station Micro for free until your area is connected to the Sigfox network.

You may use the connectivity in lectures, for student’s projects in the scope of lectures and exercises, bachelor and master thesis projects and other research projects.

We can also hold a kick-off presentation and workshops about IoT, LPWANs and Sigfox for your students. The content can be adapted to your needs. Furthermore, we offer online tutorials and webinars to let your students' IoT ideas come to life.

What do you have to do?

Our primary objective is to support researchers and students. We would be very happy to be informed about ongoing projects on a regular basis and eventually would feature existing cooperation in our Social Media Channels. To apply for the university program, you simply write us a mail and we will come back to you.

Who can apply?

Only universities from Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria can apply directly for free connectivity and workshops from Heliot Europe. In case you are from another country, please contact your local Sigfox operator. Free online materials are available globally from

Sigfox coverage at your location

Online IoT & Sigfox training materials

Hands on IoT workshop guidance

Sigfox Technical webinars

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