The Sigfox technology

Sigfox belongs to the class of Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN). This class of networks consists of low-power wide area networks intended for wireless networking of devices with limited resources and power, such as sensors, over long distances of several kilometers. Typical areas of application are the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

In contrast to classic WLAN or wireless network technologies, the achievable data rates are much lower and range between a few hundred bits per second and a few hundred kilobits per second.

In addition to Sigfox, LPWAN technologies also include LoRaWAN, LTE-M, RPMA, Weightless, NarrowBand-IoT (NB-IoT), Wi-Fi HaLow and Mioty. In addition to energy efficiency and the ability to bridge large distances, the integration of a large number of hardware is a feature of an LPWAN.

Technical background of the Sigfox technology

Possible applications of the Sigfox technology

LPWAN technology and the Sigfox network offer numerous application possibilities in the IoT and IIoT environment. The technology can be used to network devices such as sensors, electricity meters, fire detectors, medical devices and much more. Typical applications include smart cities, tracking in the logistics sector, protection against vehicle theft, cold chain monitoring, agricultural applications, patient monitoring and much more.

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Advantages of Sigfox technology

On the market since 2011, Sigfox 0G technology was designed and developed for IoT use from the outset. The low acquisition and operating costs, but also the long maintenance-free period and flexible scalability make 0G the ideal solution for IoT.


Reduction to the essentials: By eliminating the need to configure connections while enabling the integration of standards-based devices into the cloud, Sigfox is easier to use for all users.


Simple is robust is safe: narrowband radio is still widely used today in safety-relevant environments. With Sigfox, the individual end device establishes the connection to the network – it is therefore not possible to attack or hack a device via the network. Sigfox is also considered insensitive to targeted interference with radio traffic.


Saves energy: The Sigfox radio protocol allows radio communication with very low energy consumption. Low power combined with short radio signal length enables maximum autonomy of objects. This means that many end devices can be used for years without recharging.


Less is sometimes more: designed as a “lean network”, Sigfox provides a powerful infrastructure for most IoT applications. The radio network works with a very long range and very low radio power and underlines the idea of sustainability.


Low cost: Benefit from widely available electronic components, low battery utilization, low deployment and integration costs, and our simple network infrastructure with high long-term capacity.


Powerful combination: Sigfox is the ideal complement to existing radio technologies and network solutions such as Bluetooth, GSM 2G / UMTS 3G / LTE 4G / 5G and Wifi. By combining Sigfox with other connectivity solutions, even more IoT solutions can be realized.

Possible solutions with Sigfox technology

Various sensors available

Temperature, movement, humidity, fill level, air quality and much more - the possibilities for making things smarter using networked sensor technology are almost endless. In addition, clever authentication mechanisms ensure secure data transmission.

All-in-one solution

We offer you the lean network, the sustainable technology and the comprehensive knowledge to collect and analyze data worldwide (available in 75 countries without roaming charges). With long distances of up to 50 km and a large number of subscribers, Sigfox is suitable for mass distribution.

Suitable for all areas

With the help of our constantly growing ecosystem, we already cover a wide range of fields of activity. Together with our customers, we want to develop innovative products to save resources and become more successful.

Use of Sigfox technology