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Co2, fine dust and air quality measurement for a perfect indoor climate


Productivity, health and the well-being of people are strongly influenced by the indoor climate (air quality, air temperature, air humidity and air circulation). Whether in production halls, public buildings, schools or offices.  Poor air quality in (office) premises has a negative impact on the health of people and employees. A too high CO2 concentration in the room air leads to: – General complaints such as drowsiness – Reduced inattention and concentration – Headaches – Increased risk of contracting Covid 19 or other diseases. ACP Digital, a competence centre for digital business solutions in the German-Austrian region, supports organisations from business and public life in shaping their digital future in a way that adds value, can be planned and is safe. To optimise the working conditions of your customers from the industry and production sectors, a new sensor technology for air quality measurement is to be qualified:


In cooperation with Heliot Europe, ACP has integrated sensors for air quality measurement from the manufacturer Connected Inventions into its own IoT platform. This visualises data in a dashboard and allows individual threshold values to be configured and alarm messages to be sent in the event that the values exceed or fall below them. In heavily shielded buildings or in remote areas, network densification is carried out using micro access stations.


ACP can offer its customers a solution for simple and straightforward monitoring of air quality in rooms and production halls.
Luftsensoren in Baum


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