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Cold chain monitoring of TKTs at TransGourmet


TransGourmet, a specialist in the nationwide delivery of foodstuffs to large-scale consumers in gastronomy and communal catering, delivers to more than 41,000 customers every day. (Mainly with frozen food transporters and telematics monitoring) Food may not be transported to the East Frisian islands by lorry; TKTs (deep-freeze containers) are used for this purpose. In order to ensure a complete cold chain monitoring, the temperature of these deep-freeze containers must be monitored. Many of the TKTs used, which cost up to 1,500 euros, are lost (loss rate of 5%), damaged and often have to be bought again.


In collaboration with Sensolus and H solutions a tracking solution was implemented in conjunction with temperature-measuring BLE beacons. A data integrity function ensures that no data is lost at sea.  During the crossing, data is collected, stored and delivered as soon as the ship has reached land again.


The customer fulfils a legal obligation to provide evidence of an unbroken cold chain and can reduce his shrinkage rate of frozen containers at the same time.


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