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Digitalisation of containers to monitor temperature & location for overseas shipments


The non-food department of a large discounter in southern Germany imports promotional products from Southeast Asia. Temperature-sensitive goods such as candles arrive damaged and bent and can no longer be sold. Data is needed to find out at which times of the year refrigerated containers have to be used so that goods are no longer damaged during transport. In addition to temperature monitoring, it should be determined at which locations (port, container at sea, transport by road, trader) in the delivery process the damage occurs?


In cooperation with Sensolus and H solutions, a tracking solution was implemented in conjunction with temperature-measuring BLE beacons. A data integrity function ensures that no data is lost at sea.  During the crossing, data is collected, stored and delivered as soon as the ship has reached land again. This enables complete traceability of the temperature cold chain in relation to locations.


The customer can optimise his supply chain and gains a broad data basis on which he can optimise his supply chain process
Shipping IoT Tracking


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