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Digitalisation of logistics processes at Cancom


Cancom Service Factory offers efficient life-cycle management for user devices. Up to 1,500 devices per shift are prepared, packed and shipped on 3500m² of storage space. Trolleys are used as a makeshift aid. A cost-effective solution is needed to reduce the loss rate of the company’s own loading containers and to optimise automation processes in the warehouse.


In cooperation with BoxID and H solutions, Cancom implemented a WiFi localisation solution for the automation and digitalisation of its own load carriers. The localisation is carried out via Sigfox Atlas Wifi and Atlas Native and is suitable for indoor localisation up to a few metres. Die Lokalisierung erfolgt über Sigfox Atlas Wifi und Atlas Native und ist geeignet für  Indoor Lokalisierung bis auf wenige Meter.


Optimise your own supply chain management by monitoring all load carriers in a central dashboard. The data insights enable the optimisation of operational efficiency:
“CANCOM chose Sigfox and Box ID because the tracking solution works in a particularly energy-efficient, low-maintenance and cost-effective way via 0G network connection for the digitisation and management of load carriers. The solution offers great advantages compared to alternative services we tested, which are based on 3G/4G/5G mobile networks, because it allows us to connect position carriers to the ERP at low cost and the solution works without roaming charges. The lean handling in the very intuitive backend also convinced us.”

Stephan Huber

Manager Operations Service Factory


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