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Digitalisation of the disposal of used grease in the catering sector


Used cooking fat from the catering industry is an important raw material with a legal obligation for disposal. The customer, a waste grease disposal company, offers a complete all-round service. It provides restaurants, snack bars and canteen owners with a used-fat container that matches their consumption, collects it free of charge at regular intervals and recycles it in an environmentally friendly way. A total of 40,000 containers in different sizes and shapes are in circulation. The collected grease is cleaned and further processed into diesel. The company does not have an overview of the fill level of the individual containers so that routes can be optimally planned.


In cooperation with Sensoneo and H solutions a radar sensor including a specially developed holder is used, which detects the fill level through the container lid and reports it to an analysis platform. The data is processed and analysed in the platform.


Increased efficiency in the planning of optimal routes for the disposal of used grease.


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