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Digitisation of Austrian Post's trolleys


Österreichische Post AG uses 40,000 roll containers for letter and parcel transport within Austria. The roll containers must always be available in the right number at the right location/distribution centre


In collaboration with Alps Alpine and H solutions, providers of intelligent systems, Österreichische Post AG implemented intelligent trolleys connected to Heliot Europe’s 0G network. The IoT solution enables localisation for 40,000 rolling containers for retro-fit installation. The localisation is done via Sigfox Atlas Wifi and Atlas Native and is suitable for indoor localisation down to a few metres.


Austrian Post can significantly increase its efficiency by improving supply chain processes. The data insights enable the optimisation of operational efficiency:
“As one of the largest logistics companies in Austria, we also want to lead the way within our industry when it comes to digitalisation. For us, this means in particular using smart technology to make our processes more climate-friendly, cost-effective and efficient. With the 0G network from Sigfox, we have found a first-class solution to make the opportunities of the modern Internet-of-Things for applications that do not require real-time transmission also available for mass use in the area.”

Mathias Flandorfer

Project Manager Österreichische Post AG


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