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Flat roof moisture monitoring with Altmann Bedachungen


Property owners may long be unaware of moisture intrusion into the fabric of flat roofs. However, the slow and unnoticed dampening of the roof layer pact is a dangerous problem. 

Massive damage can develop, which requires resource-intensive and costly remediation and, in the worst case, can even lead to complete demolition. If the reason for the damage is not clearly documented, there are also lengthy discussions with the insurance company. 

The family-owned company Altmann Bedachungen wanted to offer its customers a product for flat roof moisture monitoring and was looking for a solution to measure moisture and temperature values with a user-friendly visualization in a portal.

The solution is to be marketed as a stand-alone product by the subsidiary BMT GmbH.


Sensors from the manufacturer H2N are installed in an inspection opening (ventilation pipe), which reliably monitor the flat roof inside the roof and detect moisture build-up in good time, both inside and outside.

The 0G Sigfox network provided by Heliot Europe ensures reliable data availability and can be extended with a Micro Access Station if required.

The data flows into a portal for visualization, the technicians of BMT GmbH inform the end customers in case of water ingress.


Altmann Bedachungen can offer its customers a new and sustainable business model for reliable flat roof monitoring.
“With our system, damage can be detected at an early stage and repaired without much effort. This means that sustainability is actually implemented and resources are conserved in an ecological and economic sense.”

Armin Altmann

Managing Director Altmann Bedachungen und Secutherm Log


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