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Sewer camera monitoring at Rohrmax


Rohrmax, a specialist in pipe and sewer cleaning and rehabilitation, needs a solution to locate valuable industrial cameras.

The cameras are used for the inspection of pipes and sewers. Each loss brings with it a considerable financial loss per camera.

The company lacks a holistic overview of the inventory and its use by the employee.

Planning is done manually, which involves a lot of administrative work. Even cameras sent to the manufacturer for repair are managed manually.


In cooperation with Unabiz/Sensatag, Box ID and Heliot Europe, a WiFi localisation solution was qualified, which convinces with a particularly strong antenna performance and can reliably radio out of metal cases.

Through predefined geozones, Rohrmax is informed at all times when cameras leave defined areas (camera manufacturer) and where they are in use.


Rohrmax has achieved transparency over its inventory and can effectively prevent theft.


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