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Smart roller containers for FEGA & Schmitt


FEGA & Schmitt identified an opportunity to improve efficiency, reliability and asset utilisation when transporting electrical equipment in roll containers from a central warehouse to distribution centres for customer delivery. In the previous process, screens, lamps and even refrigerators were packed daily on Euro pallets and wrapped with stretch film. The pallets were then picked up by various freight forwarders and taken to the respective regional distribution centre. From there, the packages were loaded into the respective transporters. This was to be optimised.


In collaboration with Wanzl, BoxID and H solutions, providers of intelligent systems, FEGA & Schmitt implemented smart roll cages connected to Heliot Europe’s 0G network. The IoT solution enables remote tracking of cages for improved efficiency and a better customer experience.


Intelligent roll cages provide transparency and data insights that enable the optimisation of operational processes:
“Damage to the packages is prevented, transport on the truck is possible in a space-saving way, we save on packing aids such as film, transport to the individual areas is faster and the process steps are streamlined. Through the solution, we reduce the expenses for new roll cages by 75 %.”

Roland Huber

Logistics Project Management / FEGA & Schmitt


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