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Tracking of standpipes of the bnNETZE


Bnnetze lends standpipes for large drinking water requirements on construction sites, large events, agriculture. Manual deployment planning causes high administrative costs. There is no overview of where standpipes are located and whether they are being used.


In cooperation with H2N, E-Maks (Providata) and H solutions, the intelligent systems providers, bnNetze implemented Robust and Reliable Tracking Solution to monitor and track standpipes. The localisation solution prevents loss and checks whether drinking water withdrawals from bnNETZE supply networks take place in the registered catchment area


bnNETZE can significantly improve the deployment planning of the standpipe fleet. The data insights enable the optimisation of operational efficiency:
“In everyday operation, we see a great benefit in this tracking system for the logistics and deployment optimisation of our standpipe supplies on construction sites, in the event of damage or at special events. The easy-to-use Sigfox solution convinced us because of its robustness and reliability, but also because of its good network coverage and long battery life”.

Matthias Schuller

Head of Logistics at bnNETZE


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