IoT data – The right data for key city services – Heliot Europe presentation at Ljubljana Forum 2022

  • IoT data is today’s currency for optimizing/digitizing businesses and key urban services of the future
  • Heliot Europe: Sigfox and complementary IoT technologies
  • 4 Verticals of the most important urban services
  • Ljubljana Forum – a place to shape the future of cities: sustainable, smart, inclusive and resilient

Ljubjana, October 7, 2022 – Heliot Europe and its company Heliot Slovenia participated in the traditional 12th edition of the Ljubljana Forum, which brings together experts in ICT, IoT, digital technology, sales, development, marketing, etc., as well as key city decision-makers, including mayors from Central and Eastern Europe. The aim of the event is to inform, educate, disseminate knowledge and share experiences on solutions and ways in which information and communication technology (ICT) can be used to improve operational efficiency, share information with the public and ensure a better quality of government services and the well-being of citizens.
Heliot Europe provides its customers with the right data for their needs with end-to-end solutions. They are the exclusive IoT Sigfox operator in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, the UK, Liechtenstein and Slovenia. With their 3700 base stations, they cover an area of more than 440,000 km2. Their main technology is Sigfox, which complements other IoT technologies such as Bluetooth, RFID, Lora, NB-IoT,… complements.

Its solutions for smart cities focus mainly on four areas of key urban services:
1. water management – water management – installation of IoT water meters with built-in Sigfox module or upgrading existing water meters with smart modules that monitor water flow and consumption and alert in the event of unforeseen events.
2. air quality monitoring – installation of sensors in rooms that measure temperature, humidity and CO2 levels. The measures taken on the basis of the data can increase productivity, concentration and the quality of learning and working conditions.
3. waste management – ultrasonic sensors combined with trackers, digital signage, bin condition and usage monitoring and half garbage cans enable cities to understand the waste cycle and carry out an accurate and complete waste management inspection.
4. smart parking – Installing parking sensors in parking lots allows drivers to see and control available parking spaces and operators to monitor occupancy and proper parking in real time.

Heliot Europe steps to ultimate success

The first step is to identify the customer’s challenges and find out how they can be solved. In this phase, the experts from Heliot Europe want to find out the most important information about the business processes in order to optimize them with the help of their technology.
They then determine the tools/solutions that are suitable for the customer. In the end, the visualization platform on which all data is collected, analyzed and interpreted is important. The customer can take measures on the basis of the data collected. The Heliot Europe team works with its solution, device and platform partners who enable it to offer full premium technical support for the projects. “Digitizing key city services enables city managers to optimize work processes, gives them more control over assets, allows them to use resources more efficiently and helps citizens lead better and more prosperous lives,” said Luka Brulc, Sales Director of Heliot Slovenia.

About Heliot Europe

Heliot Europe is the largest Sigfox 0G solution provider for the Internet of Things (IoT) in Europe. We make things talk – Heliot Europe is the exclusive operator of the global Sigfox 0G network in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Liechtenstein, Denmark and the UK.

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