Waste management in industry and production: increasing efficiency through intelligent solutions

Sensoneo and Heliot Europe implement a state-of-the-art recyclables collection system at the plants of a leading agricultural machinery manufacturer – for increased efficiency, improved recycling rates and cost savings. The solution is designed so that it can be used in almost all industrial sectors.

50 Millionen Tonnen Abfall

So viel fällt jedes Jahr in der deutschen Industrie an. Efficient collection and disposal of these quantities is not only a logistical challenge, but also an ecological one. Sensoneo and Heliot Europe, experts in waste management and IoT technologies, have developed an advanced, digitized waste management system for two plants of an international agricultural machinery manufacturer. This system offers considerable advantages for the manufacturer thanks to intelligent sensors and software.

In the production halls of the agricultural machinery manufacturer, where valuable agricultural machinery is produced, waste disposal used to be a time-consuming and resource-intensive process. Fixed intervals for waste disposal, regardless of the fill level of the bins, led to inefficiency and unnecessary consumption of resources. In addition, the available data on waste generation was insufficient for strategic decisions.

Smart waste management: sensors and wireless technology from Heliot, software from Sensoneo

Waste managementTo meet this challenge, Sensoneo and Heliot have developed a comprehensive digitalized waste management system. In a pilot project, 200 waste garbage cans at a plant were equipped with IoT-enabled smart buttons and fill level sensors. These sensors transmit data on fill levels and collection requests to a cloud-based platform in near real time via the Sigfox 0G network. By using the public Sigfox network for data transmission, no intervention in the existing IT infrastructure is necessary – which in turn makes implementation extremely simple.

The Sensoneo software analyzes this data, identifies patterns in waste generation and thus enables more efficient planning of waste disposal.

Increased recycling quotas, ESG reporting, cost reduction

By implementing the new system, the agricultural machinery manufacturer was able to achieve significant improvements in various areas. Real-time data and automated management enable just-in-time waste disposal, which significantly improves internal processes. This leads to a reduction in waste collection routes of up to 63 per cent and a significant increase in recycling rates. In addition, the system enables more precise ESG reporting and supports the company in achieving its sustainability goals. Optimised waste disposal can now also reduce costs and increase efficiency in production processes.

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