Waste management in industry and production: increasing efficiency through intelligent solutions

Sensoneo and Heliot Europe offer an innovative solution with their digitalized waste management system in the industry, where 50 million tons of waste are generated every year in Germany alone. Intelligent IoT sensors and cloud software make waste disposal more efficient by recording the fill levels of waste garbage cans in real time. This leads to a significant reduction in collection routes, improves recycling rates and can generally contribute to cost savings. An example of the use of digital technologies to optimize industrial processes and promote a more sustainable industry.

Max Planck Institute Unveils A Revolutionary Kinetic Energy-Powered Wildlife Tracker

The introduction of KineFox by the Max Planck Institute represents a fusion of historical ingenuity and modern technology. By harnessing kinetic energy, this device offers a sustainable and efficient solution for wildlife tracking. It’s a reflection of Heliot Europe’s commitment to innovative, eco-friendly IoT solutions, paving the way for a future where technology aids in the harmonious coexistence with nature.

Semtech’s Strategic Advancement: Integrating Sigfox 0G in SX126X LoRa Chipset

Discover how Semtech’s integration of Sigfox 0G technology into the SX126X LoRa chipset is revolutionizing IoT connectivity. This development brings cost-efficient, dual-network compatibility for manufacturers and enhanced connectivity for end users. Explore the impact of this innovative advancement in our latest article.