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Efficient management of non-stationary equipment!

Reduce losses and administrative costs, optimize processes and comply with regulations by efficiently tracing mobile assets.

Mobile equipment

While the challenges with stationary equipment such as production machineries are regionally limited and usually of a technical nature, the location factor is an additional complicating factor with nonstationary – i.e. mobile – equipment.

Non-stationary equipment is equipment that is not permanently installed or anchored at a specific location in the company and can therefore be moved flexibly and used at different locations. This equipment can be easily transported and is not dependent on a fixed installation. This category is clearly the more relevant group of operating resources for Heliot.

We know the challenges of resource management

Accurately track and locate mobile assets, prevent loss and theft, minimize administrative costs, comply with regulatory requirements and optimize processes to increase efficiency and reduce unnecessary new purchases. These are all major challenges that several departments in a company often have to deal with on a daily basis. Probably yours too!

In today’s globalized economy, many companies are faced with the challenge of efficiently managing their non-local resources such as pallets, containers and transport packaging. These resources are constantly moving between suppliers, production sites and customers, which makes precise tracking and control difficult. Nevertheless, effective management of these resources is crucial in order to save costs, minimize losses and meet legal requirements.


Tracking is not tracing!

Tracking records the exact location in real time. Tracing, on the other hand, makes it possible to track the movements and whereabouts of mobile equipment. Tracing offers cost-effective advantages for many applications.

Digitize your operating resources

with a tracing solution from Heliot Europe

Increased efficiency

... and avoiding losses! 
By tracing non-local operating resources, companies can optimize their processes and uncover inefficiencies. A precise overview of the inventory and whereabouts of these resources makes it possible to avoid bottlenecks and reduce unnecessary new purchases. In addition, losses can be recognized at an early stage and appropriate measures can be taken.

Cost reduction

... in use and management!
An efficient tracing system for non-local operating resources considerably simplifies accounting, billing, depreciation and mark-to-market reporting. With accurate data on the inventory and condition of these resources, companies can optimize their accounting and reduce high costs for manual processes.


... with regard to legal requirements!
The new Packaging Directive (#VerpackungsVO) places high demands on the management of pools of equipment such as pallets and containers. Companies must be able to provide detailed information on the whereabouts and life cycle of these resources. An effective tracing system enables compliance with these requirements and helps to avoid fines.

of operating resources can be lost due to inefficient management, leading to considerable financial losses.
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Cost savings can be achieved through efficient tracing systems by optimizing processes and minimizing manual errors.
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Improvement in the traceability of operating resources through Track & Trace.
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Heliot Europe: Your partner for efficient tracing

At Heliot Europe, we specialize in solutions for tracing non-located assets. Our innovative system allows you to keep an eye on your resources at all times without knowing the exact location of each asset in real time[4].

By combining state-of-the-art technologies and proven processes, we help you to increase your efficiency, reduce costs and meet legal requirements. Benefit from our expertise and optimize your resource management with Heliot Europe. Follow us on LinkedIn at #HeliotEurope and Instagram with #HeliotTracing for more insights.

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