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Efficient vehicle and parts location in modular vehicle production

Vehicle and commercial vehicle manufacturers are faced with the challenge of monitoring the exact position of vehicles and vehicle parts on their premises and during transportation. With its robust Sigfox trackers, Heliot Europe offers a solution that saves time and minimizes losses.

Localization of commercial vehicles and parts

Manufacturers of commercial vehicles are often confronted with complex logistics problems even on their own premises. Unfinished vehicles and vehicle parts are often temporarily stored on the company premises or in external warehouses during the individual production steps. These parts must be quickly retrieved later for final production, modification or delivery.

Temporary storage and localization challenges

The production process for commercial vehicles is often multi-stage and involves numerous intermediate stages in which various parts have to be assembled, modified or temporarily stored. During these processes, it can easily happen that individual components get lost or misplaced on the large premises. This leads to considerable delays, as employees have to spend valuable time searching for the missing parts.

Unfinished vehicles and parts are often parked temporarily on large company premises or in external warehouses. These storage areas can be extensive and confusing, making it difficult to find specific parts. Employees often have to travel long distances and invest a lot of time to find the parts they need. This leads to inefficiencies and increases production costs.

For final production and modification according to customer requirements, it is essential that all the necessary parts are available on time. Delays in the localization of parts can disrupt the entire production schedule and lead to late deliveries. This not only affects production processes, but can also have a negative impact on customer satisfaction.

Complexity of logistics

In addition to internal logistics, there is often a need to transport parts between different plants. These transports increase complexity and the risk of parts being damaged, lost or stolen. Tracking the exact location of each part at all times is crucial to ensure that production runs smoothly and efficiently.

Need for an efficient solution

To meet these challenges, commercial vehicle manufacturers need a reliable and efficient method of locating and tracking vehicles and parts. Precise tracking technology can help to reduce search times, optimize logistics processes and significantly increase production efficiency. This not only leads to cost savings, but also to better utilization of resources and greater customer satisfaction.

Commercial vehicles with modular production

The production of commercial vehicles often requires a modular approach in which different parts and components are manufactured separately and assembled later. This applies to a wide range of vehicles, including trucks, construction and agricultural machinery, buses, refrigerated vehicles, emergency vehicles, refuse collection vehicles, tankers and heavy goods vehicles. Each of these commercial vehicles consists of specialized modules that are manufactured in different production areas before they are brought together to form a finished vehicle. This modular production enables more efficient production and better adaptation to specific requirements.


Truck (heavy goods vehicle)

Trucks consist of various modules such as chassis, engine, cab and loading area. These modules are often manufactured separately and only joined together in the later production phases.

Spezialfahrzeug zur Schneeräumung

Construction and agricultural machinery

Commercial vehicles such as tractors, excavators and combine harvesters have many specialized components. These machines are assembled in various production areas before they are finally installed.

Autobus in Wien


Buses consist of many individual parts, including the chassis, the engine, the bodywork and the interior fittings. These parts are manufactured separately and only joined together at the end of the production chain.


Refrigerated vehicles

Refrigerated vehicles require special components such as cooling units, insulated superstructures and specific chassis. These are manufactured in different production areas and finally assembled into a finished vehicle.



Tankers used for the transportation of liquids such as fuels or chemicals consist of special tanks, pump systems and chassis that are manufactured separately and then assembled.

Ein Feuerwehr-Einsatzfahrzeug ist für Brandbekämpfung und Rettungseinsätze ausgestattet, inkl. Löschtechnik.

Special vehicles for rescue services

Ambulances, fire engines and other emergency vehicles have many special parts that are manufactured according to specific requirements. These components are manufactured separately and only assembled in the final assembly stage in order to meet specific requirements.

Robust Sigfox tracker

Heliot Europe offers robust Sigfox trackers with an impressive battery life of 4-6 years, designed for long-term use. These trackers can be placed flexibly by magnet or directly in the vehicle, which makes their handling and installation particularly easy and practical. The trackers ensure precise and reliable location of vehicles and vehicle parts both on the entire company premises and during transportation.

Thanks to the advanced Sigfox 0G technology, these trackers offer stable and trouble-free network availability at all relevant locations, including industrial plants and production halls. Even in environments that are normally problematic for radio signals, such as Faraday cages, localization is not impaired. This is possible thanks to the quick and easy consolidation of the Sigfox network by Heliot Europe.

Another major advantage is that these trackers can be installed without interfering with the existing IT infrastructure. No complicated firewall configurations are required, making implementation quick and straightforward. This seamless integration enables companies to make their logistics and production processes more efficient without having to make complex technical adjustments.

Ein intelligenter und langlebiger Sigfox-basierter Tracker mit IP68-zertifiziertem, superstarkem Polycarbonat-Gehäuse und mehreren Befestigungsmöglichkeiten. BEstens geeignet für industrielle Anwendungen.
Example of a GPS tracker for locating vehicle modules
Tracking und Tracing

Efficient production and increased safety

Heliot Europe’s GPS trackers offer numerous advantages that increase both production efficiency and safety. The precise location of vehicles and vehicle parts significantly reduces the search time for employees. This means that less time is spent searching for the exact positions of parts on the factory premises, which in turn leads to faster production processes.

More efficient use of the assembly stations is another decisive advantage. As the parts can be found quickly and easily, the assembly stations can be used continuously without unnecessary idle times. This enables faster processing of the next orders and significantly improves the utilization of resources.

The trackers also offer reliable monitoring during transportation. In the event of loss or theft, this can be quickly identified and traced. The ability to react immediately to such incidents contributes significantly to security and prevents potential financial losses. This means that the supply chain is not only more efficient, but also more secure.

Overall, Heliot Europe’s GPS trackers not only reduce costs by optimizing search and production times, but also help to ensure supply chain integrity. The ability to respond quickly to loss or theft provides companies with an additional layer of security that increases both efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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