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177,000 glass transport racks as transparent as their cargo

With the help of Sigfox 0G technology, Gestellpool will have an even better overview of up to 177,000 of its members' racks in future.

From flat glass finishers to window and door manufacturers: The members of Gestellpool cover all areas when it comes to the further processing of glass. As a service provider, Gestellpool takes care of the complete management of the special transport racks used to transport fragile goods. The company looks after 177,000 transport racks throughout Europe. Rackpool provides the infrastructure for members to track their racks, handles communication with customers and notifies members when racks are available.

Initial situation

As a service provider, Gestellpool attaches great importance to technological innovation. Every rack managed by Gestellpool is digitally recorded. Upon delivery to the construction site or to the customer, the employees of the rack pool members simply scan the barcode of the rack. This means that the delivery location for each rack can be clearly viewed on the Gestellpool GESAweb digital platform.

If the racks are free, members’ customers can simply report them as “free” with just a few clicks via the website or their own rack pool scanner app. The member company receives the notification and can send its employees to collect it. However, the system has its shortcomings, as it is not possible to track what happens to the frame after delivery. This makes collection more difficult and some racks are even lost completely.

Kreislauf Gestellmanagement

Requirements and concept:

System for tracking more than 177,000 transport racks

To create more transparency about the transport racks, Gestellpool turns to Heliot. Gestellpool develops a concept together with the IoT experts. The idea: the transport racks are equipped with intelligent radio trackers. Each time the racks are moved, they send their location data via the Sigfox 0G network. This means that each one can be located and tracked down at any time. The Heliot Cloud, in which the data from the racks flows together, is simply integrated into the GESA platform via an interface. Members can easily call up the important data for their racks here.


Prevent theft with tamper protection

After implementation and before the official product launch, Gestellpool initially tested the system with three of its members and the results were convincing. In outdoor areas, racks can be tracked with an accuracy of 30 meters. This means that the system automatically recognizes incorrect release addresses and gives the employees who collect the racks the exact position data. This enables them to find and identify the right racks much more quickly, even on confusing construction sites. Unsuccessful collections can be significantly reduced. Another advantage: thanks to tamper protection, members and the rack pool receive an immediate notification if a third party attempts to unscrew the transmitter. In this way, the loss of racks can be specifically prevented.

Customer benefits:

Circulation speed increased by 25 percent

The test shows: The concept works. With the tracking solution, members not only have a better overview of their racks, they are also available again much more quickly. An evaluation has shown: The circulation of a rack with a tracker can be increased by almost 25 percent compared to racks without a tracker. The Sigfox 0G network is a particular advantage. It is now available almost everywhere in the DACH region and many other European countries. “With the good network coverage, the racks of the rack pool members can also be easily tracked for deliveries abroad. The 0G network is an inexpensive alternative to expensive broadband communication, for example via the mobile network. The transmitters are also extremely low-maintenance. They transmit data reliably for up to six years – after which the battery can simply be replaced.

"With our tracking system, which we developed with Heliot, our transport racks become as transparent as the freight they carry. This brings significant added value for our members. Not only can they be tracked more easily, they are also available again much more quickly. This was also made possible by the excellent cooperation with Heliot. It took just one year from the initial idea to the commissioning of our system. The IoT specialists have a lot of experience in asset tracking from very different industries and know what is important. After just a few months, we have already equipped 250 of our customers' racks with trackers and new ones are being added all the time - a truly successful project."

Felix Spangenberg
Managing Director Gestellpool Europe

More transparency for glass transport racks


Equipping 177,000 glass transport racks with intelligent tracking systems – for faster turnaround times and greater transparency.


Logistics / Transportation


  • Gestellpool takes care of the handling of transport racks for its customers in the flat glass industry.
  • So far, the 177,000 racks across Germany can be easily tracked until they are delivered to the customer. After that, it is still unclear what will happen to the racks.
  • A new system is intended to create more transparency, make collection from members’ customers more efficient and prevent the loss of racks.


  • Together with Heliot, Gestellpool equips the racks with Sigfox 0G transmitters.
  • This means that the racks transmit their location data to a cloud via the Sigfox 0G network every time they move.
  • The data is then retrieved via an interface on the Gestellpool GESAweb service platform, where it can be viewed by members.
  • The integrated tamper protection sounds an alarm if third parties attempt to remove the transmitters.


  • The Sigfox 0G network is now available in the DACH region and many other European countries. This means that rack pool members can also track their racks abroad.
  • The optimized interfaces make it easier to integrate the Heliot Cloud into Gestellpool’s existing GESAweb portal.
  • Thanks to optimized configuration, the trackers send data reliably for up to six years. The battery can then be easily replaced.
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