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Indoor air monitoring in more than 3200 branches of a German discounter


A German discounter wants to install new industrial air conditioning units in its shops. To prioritise the necessary installations in the shops, data on temperature and humidity values in more than 8 zones of each shop are to be collected and monitored. In order to protect employees at checkouts in the Covid-19 pandemic from too high Co2 concentrations in the checkout area, the current Co2 value is also to be recorded and monitored.


In cooperation with Connected Inventions and H solutions, more than 30,000 sensors were rolled out in over 3200 shops within 6 weeks. The sensors measure the current temperature and humidity value every 10 minutes and transmit the Co2 ppm value in the checkout area.


The discounter has achieved real-time visibility over indoor air in its shops. The data insights enable prioritisation of air conditioning installations:
Sensor Filiale Supermarkt IoT


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