Semtech’s Strategic Advancement: Integrating Sigfox 0G in SX126X LoRa Chipset

Semtech enables Sigfox 0G technology on SX126X LoRa Chipset

Semtech Corporation announces a significant technological advancement with the integration of Sigfox 0G technology into the SX126X LoRa chipset. This strategic development is poised to reshape the landscape of IoT connectivity.

The integration offers a robust platform for innovation, enabling the creation of versatile IoT solutions that leverage the strengths of both LoRa and Sigfox networks. The technological convergence enhances product offerings, allowing for greater market penetration and the provision of diverse, high-quality IoT solutions.


For IoT Customers

Customers stand to benefit from improved connectivity, reliability, and a wider range of IoT applications, ensuring seamless integration into various environments.

For Developers, Device & Solution Makers

  1. Any IoT stakeholder (device, module, and solutions makers) who is using the SX1261 chipset can implement both Sigfox and LoRa in one SKU, optimising their investment by addressing a wider customer base with a single chipset.
  2. LoRa Edge and LoRa Connect portfolio now embed Sigfox in most LoRa-enabled products including
    • SX1261,
    • LCC68,
    • LR1110,
    • LR1120, and
    • LR1121

For developers, the SX126X RF API implementation example to use this chip with our open-sourced library is  now available as open source on GitHub.

Complementing the actual LRxx version on GitHub is available here 

For Sigfox Modulation Application Note on SX126x and LR11xx, visit this link.

The Sigfox Open Source stack can be accessed here.

Alternatively, contact Heliot or UnaBiz to find out more.

Semtech’s integration of Sigfox 0G technology into the SX126X LoRa chipset represents a significant step towards a more interconnected and efficient IoT ecosystem with advantages for all Stakeholders in the Internet of Things.

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