Smart Water Meters: B4T Partners With Heliot For Less Water Loss With Sigfox-Connected Devices

Smart Water Meter

Heliot Europe partners with B4T to integrate Sigfox-0G™ connectivity into Jellyfish smart water meters, enhancing leak detection and billing accuracy. This IoT solution, using LPWAN technology, offers efficient data transmission and long battery life. It addresses the UK’s significant water leakage issue, highlighting the environmental impact and the importance of real-time leak management.

Max’ Adventures: Episode 1- The Beep

Max, an average logistics worker, discovers the game-changing magic of Sigfox in a bustling warehouse. When his boss introduces the revolutionary tracking system, Max becomes a modern-day treasure hunter, monitoring his packages like shooting stars on his phone. This tale highlights the power of transparency in logistics and how Sigfox transforms your package’s journey into a captivating adventure. Embrace Sigfox and let your shipments take a scenic route to your doorstep!