Smart metering for the careful use of water as a precious resource

A photorealistic image of an exposed, dripping underground drinking water pipe with a worker holding a shovel, on a street during nice weather.

Water is a scarce commodity – even in Germany. The challenge of supplying drinking water to cities and municipalities is growing, especially in hot summers. Declining spring water resources and groundwater levels, coupled with rising consumption, are putting a strain on the infrastructure. Reducing water losses and saving drinking water efficiently are key tasks for modern water management. Intelligent radio water meters help to detect leaks at an early stage and encourage water conservation. Solutions based on the Sigfox OG radio network are particularly promising, as they enable the supply infrastructure to be upgraded efficiently and cost-effectively.

IoT and the road to long-term water security

by PAN XIAOZHEN, Unsplash

Climate instability combined with an expanding population and escalating levels of per capita consumption are creating unsustainable pressure both on water resources and an overstretched supply network. Yet, without any insight into where leaks occur or how consumer behaviour affects consumption, how can water companies meet the government’s ambitious plans to reduce usage?
Alex Barter, Manging Director, B4T, and Gareth Mitchell, Key Account Manager UK, Heliot explain why smart metering is key to creating a water secure future.

Max’ Adventures: Episode 1- The Beep

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