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Heliot Europe network coverage

How good is the Sigfox network at your location?

Our Sigfox 0G network is already excellently developed in many places in the DACH region as well as in Slovenia. Do the coverage check and check the individual availability of our Sigfox 0G network at the locations you require and get an overview. When looking at the map, the following applies: green is good – there is already sufficient coverage here.

Since July 2021, the Sigfox 0G network in Switzerland has covered more than 90 percent of the inhabited areas and areas used for logistics and thus relevant areas for IoT applications – a new peak value which, in addition to international roaming and the large selection of devices, underpins Sigfox’s leading position in the field of IoT infrastructure and has already convinced some important customers from logistics, trade and industry. In particular, the uncomplicated pan-European integration – in addition to the favourable investment and operating costs – was often the decisive factor here.

Just 12 months ago, Heliot Europe was launched here in Slovenia on the sunny side of the Alps. By the end of June, Heliot Slovenia had already reached the target of 50 percent of the network expansion planned for 2021/2022. In the southernmost country in the region covered by Heliot Europe, the topic of smart cities in particular plays an important role for IoT applications. For the second half of the network roll-out, Heliot will recruit new partners for the development of radio sites for an even faster expansion, should this become necessary.

The Alpine Republic is catching up and is already opening up a new valley region almost every week. Currently, a large part of the Austrian population is already covered in the most important urban and rural service areas for industry, technology and agriculture. Major customers such as the Austrian Post are already using the Sigfox 0G network for their applications.

The largest of the four countries in the Heliot region is also stepping up its network expansion: having already covered a good 90 per cent of the total population with the 0G network last autumn, Heliot Europe is now working on densification in the conurbations, especially for major customers from the logistics business and retail.

„Following our strategy ‘We got you covered’, we offer a fast and demand-oriented network expansion – we have successfully proven this with our major customers from logistics and trade.“

Thomas Scheibel, CEO Heliot Europe GmbH

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