Heliot Europe at the Wild Boar Symposium in Barcelona

What do Heliot Euorpe, tracking technologies and wild boars have to do with each other? Wild boar are one of the most successful mammal species in Europe and worldwide. Their population is increasing rapidly in numbers and colonises all kinds of habitats with unpleasant consequences for many people. Wild boars dig in fields, eat away crops and cause great financial damage, especially in agriculture. The challenge of controlling the growth of the wild boar population and mitigating the economic and ecological impact of this species was therefore the main topic of the Wild Boar Symposium at which Heliot Europe was present as an exhibitor and sponsor. Our colleague Jens Koblitz presented the latest developments and solutions in the field of animal tracking, which can help to control the growth of the wild boar population and its effects. For all those who want to know more about animal telemetry, herd monitoring and animal tracking, Heliot Europe offers a selection of suitable solutions. Animal Asset Tracking – H solutions by Heliot Europe (heliotgroup.com)