Heliot Europe is a member of the mioty alliance

  • Heliot Europe has been drawing on the knowledge of the mioty alliance since July and contributes to industry development
  • Company’s horizon of impact expands to include applications in areas such as smart cities and smart buildings
  • Membership is the next step in Heliot Europe’s growth strategy

Munich, 15 September 2022 – The Internet-of-Things specialist Heliot Europe is now a member of the mioty alliance. The company is thus expanding its technology portfolio to include applications of the Massive Internet of Things. As an Associated Member, Heliot Europe will also benefit from the exchange of knowledge with the other members and actively shape the future of applications via the Internet-of-Things (IoT).

“We are continuously working to bring together appropriate network technologies to take advantage of synergies. Mioty is an important asset to our static networks, making it particularly useful for deployment in smart buildings, smart cities and smart infrastructure,” explains Guillaume Noel, Chief Strategy Officer at Heliot Europe. “The mioty alliance brings together IoT providers from different industries and application areas to promote professional exchange on technologies and experiences. In cooperation with the other members, we want to contribute to improving the overall interoperability of IoT, for example.”

Mioty strengthens Heliot Europe’s offering in the field of low power wide area networks. The technology complements Heliot Europe’s existing Sigfox 0G network. By collecting data across multiple channels, Heliot Europe increases the meaningfulness of the information it collects. Applications such as asset tracking or monitoring can thus be carried out even more reliably across national borders.

Mioty is an invention of the Erlangen Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS. The German technology is characterised above all by the fact that it can transmit information with extremely low energy consumption, with high reliability over long distances. For example, it requires about 35 millijoules of power for a 20-byte data packet. In rural areas, information of 250 bytes can be transmitted up to 15 kilometres away. At the same time, it is possible to reliably send up to 3.5 million messages per day and per base station with a packet error rate of less than one per cent. It is also possible to receive mobile devices at speeds of up to 120 kilometres per hour.

The mioty alliance is a community of companies and institutions united by the goal of bringing to market and spreading the most accessible, robust and efficient IoT connectivity solution. Founded in 2019, the Alliance already has around 40 members. Together, they aim to map the entire IoT value chain – from endpoints and base stations to IoT platforms.

For Christian Postel, CSO of Heliot Europe, membership in the mioty alliance fits into the company’s future-oriented growth strategy: “We are continuously working to expand our horizon of impact. Be it in terms of our service offering, our technologies or our partners. The mioty alliance aptly embodies this idea – so membership is an important step in the right direction.”

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About Heliot Europe

Heliot Europe is the exclusive operator of the global Sigfox 0G network in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia and Liechtenstein. This makes Heliot Europe the largest 0G network operator in Europe. The main shareholder in Heliot Europe is Cube Infrastructure Managers, a Luxembourg-based investment company specialising in the management of European infrastructure funds. Heliot Europe is also a founding member of the 0G United Nations Association, the international association of 0G network operators with currently over 55 network operators worldwide.
With its Sigfox 0G technology, Heliot Europe offers a cross-border, seamless as well as user-friendly, cost-effective and energy-efficient network and helps companies to further transform their business model towards digital services in areas such as asset tracking, asset monitoring and supply chain management. The low-frequency radio technology is also a cost-effective alternative to the existing Narrowband Internet of Things (NBIoT). In addition, customers have access to the global Sigfox 0G ecosystem of nearly 1000 sensors and analytics tools to collect and analyse their data.

For more information, please visit: www.heliotgroup.com

About the mioty alliance

The mioty alliance was founded in 2019 with the goal of establishing the most accessible, robust and efficient Massive IoT connectivity solution on the market. To do this, it brings together the expertise of the world’s leading tech companies to create an end-to-end solution for the entire IoT value chain – from endpoints to base stations to IoT platforms. The technological basis for this is mioty®, a software-based protocol for Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN). Developed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS, it reliably connects hundreds of thousands of sensors to just one base station by means of telegram splitting: the data is sent over a distance of up to 15 kilometres in several partial packets and completely reconstructed again at the base station.
Thus, mioty® offers maximum energy efficiency with a battery life of up to 20 years, extremely reliable data transmission and very high scalability of the network. For users, this results in economic advantages such as lower installation, maintenance and overall costs. Thanks to the standardisation of the technology via the European Telecommunications Institute (ETSI), mioty® is also future-proof and can be easily integrated as software into new or existing devices.
Learn more about the mioty alliance and its technology at https://mioty-alliance.com/

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