How we have already been able to help our clients

Our references

Numerous IoT solutions for satisfied customers. Here you can find an excerpt from our references. Find out how we have helped customers save resources, digitise processes and shape supply chains with intelligent end-to-end solutions.

Flat roof moisture monitoring with Altmann Bedachungen

Detect damage at an early stage

Digitisation of load carriers for precast elements for Weber Betonwerke

Hundreds of racks are tracked day and night to accurately detect transports.

Digitisation of agricultural machinery

Digitalisation of internal waste containers at an automobile manufacturer

Digitalisation of the disposal of used grease in the catering sector

Increased efficiency in the planning of optimal routes for the disposal of used grease

Tracking of standpipes of the bnNETZE

Digitisation of standpipes in standpipe rental

Digitalisation of logistics processes at Cancom

Automation and digitalisation of the load carriers

Digitisation of Austrian Post’s trolleys

Reduction of the C02 footprint through optimisation of supply chains

Digitalisation of plastic pallets

Sensor solution for direct integration in plastic pallets

Sewer camera monitoring at Rohrmax

Achieve transparency over inventory and effectively prevent theft

The Internet of Animals: Today’s Sheep Radio with 0G

Today's sheep radio at 0G

Co2, fine dust and air quality measurement for a perfect indoor climate

Uncomplicated monitoring of air quality in rooms and production halls

Digitalisation of containers to monitor temperature & location for overseas shipments

Obtaining a comprehensive database that can be used to optimise the supply chain process

Indoor air monitoring in more than 3200 branches of a German discounter

Real-time visibility achieved via indoor air in the branches

Cold chain monitoring of TKTs at TransGourmet

Ensure cold chain monitoring

Smart roller containers for FEGA & Schmitt

Remote tracking of cages for improved efficiency and a better customer experience

Intelligent transport racks for Weha-Therm

Glass specialist Weha-Therm keeps track of shelves with the IoT solution from H solutions